Inmetro, Innovation and Industry

The role of INMETRO in the Brazilian Innovation System is multiple and extremely important. The Institute is responsible for establishing bases from which the game of innovation develops. Therefore, INMETRO is positioned in the centre of the triple helix of the relationship between government – university – industry in supporting the innovation process.

How does Inmetro support innovation in industry?

  • Through laboratory accreditation, the Institute disseminates reliable measurements in industry of various regions of the country.
  • By establishing programs on conformity assessment of products, processes, services and staff, INMETRO drives constant improvement of the Brazilian industry, taking it to more competitive levels.
  • Activities related to legal metrology, which are an exclusive assignment of INMETRO, ensure reliable and continuous measurements to higher levels of technical training of Brazilian industry.
  • The activities related to scientific metrology developed by INMETRO contribute to the advancement and dissemination of scientific knowledge related to the national basic and applied research. It also contributes to the international recognition of Brazilian measurements in various areas of knowledge, including metrology applied to life sciences and forensic metrology.
  • Furthermore, INMETRO provides market intelligence to the insertion of foreign national companies through its international networking activities.

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